Friday, October 8, 2010

Full Circle Lunch Break

Location: Dubai,UAE
Date: Oct.04, 2010
Camera & Gears: Nikon D300, Sigma Fisheye Lens,
String & Spirit Level


whenever the time reaches 11:00am, i start my countdown
for Lunchbreak and wondering what's inside my lunchbox...
hotdog, tocino, sinangag or maybe yung ulam namin 2 days ago.
inaabangan ko rin yung food ng friends ko para maka-arbor
(hehehe...mix ulam) and of course i always wait for her (crush ko)
to ask me if i want her food (never akong tanggi noh)!!!
that was 30 years ago when i was in grade school.

free rice, free soup- food advertisement ito dun sa canteen na
kinakainan namin...good for us 'coz we need to bring ulam lang
and order all the free food and our lunch is done...
bahay kubo - what we call sa favorite canteen namin, giniling naman ang
favorite na ulam namin dito and after lunch we spent our time
chatting & showing our dance!!! that was 25 years ago,
when i was in high school.

every 2:00 pm, we met at Lepanto St.(Loyola na ngayon) sa Recto, Manila,
came from school (tomjones na talaga), we have to line up to choose
our ulam like adobong manok, adobong atay ng manok, pritong manok na balot
as bread crumbs,durog na gulay,at ang walang kamatayang menudo...sarap ng
mga ito...(mura na madumi pa) hehehe...this is the deafault ulam sa
Delicious Retaurant...but if you want to customize your can
order food like patatim, lechong paksiw, bachoy at halo-halo for dessert
plus softdrink at ang walang kamatayang rice...(kalahati pa nga) at ang
walang lasang soup (pinaglagaan ng mga buto ng baka)....
anyways, after you order and pay your have to wait..
opo...wait ulit for vacant table....hayyy...lunchbreak...that was
23 years ago when we (my wife and me) we're in college.

dubai office lunchbreak is between 1:00 to 2:00pm...
i am always excited when the break comes...upon reaching our
pantry's door you can smell filipino food getting hot sa microwave,
you can also hear filipino voice chatting & laughing.our pantry
is almost only 9 sqmts in size but we squeeze inside
this room just to eat lunch together and to hear filipino updated
story around dubai, to hear new tsismis pinoy, kwentong pinoy,
jokes na pinoy, kwentong feels like you're in
makati office lang...for me...LUNCHBREAK is a feeling that
brings me home...

Below is my intractive cartoon lunchbreak vr. enjoy!

note: text & images on vr are only my imaginations, i hope
i didn't hurt your feelings in anyways.sorry.

you can follow my other VR at Google Earth /

(Ctrl=zoom out / SHIFT = zoom in)


  1. wahahahahahaha ayus ahihihi gibe to

  2. wow.... amazing ngaun lang ako nakakita nito hehehe

  3. galing tlga ng VR n ito, npkCool na comedy pa. HEHE!