Thursday, March 31, 2011


High School Love Affair
Drama, Action & Romance
Directed by: full circle

I don't know how to tell the story to my friends
without hurting the feelings of other friends. I started 
give them a codename so that i can hide their true identity...

but, as i list down all the events to share on FB... i keep
on sketching of one of the character....hmmmm wait a minute...
why not giving them an image character..., i would like to introduce to you my leading characters...
JOEY - he is my high school classmate.

SALLY - petite, feeler, nagger, joey's wife

more characters to come.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Design & Graphics Dept.,
8:15 am / 30 March 2011

no one is here ...all of them are still sleeping...
they are now on the liberty of choosing which time will come to office...
liberty when to come to office...
liberty to choose what to wear for office...
and liberty to choose a BOSS.

yes... in one month time they are gone.
and i will miss them...
i'll miss their laughter,
i'll miss the chat after we finish our lunch,
i'll miss the people who gives help in time of questions ask.
i'll miss charcoal rice shared by us,
i'll miss their families, whom i know thru their stories,
i'll miss our photo snaps,
...really i will miss you guys...

btw,....i am now in preparing mode.

Photo was taken using BENQ DC C1020 Point & Shoot
Stitch in PTGUI Software
Post Process in PS CS5

helpful links:

Le Meridien Hotel on VR Proposal

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
March 8, 2011
Nikon D300 DSLR Camera
Sigma Fisheye Lens 4.5mm
Manfrotto Tripod
Manual Mode

I was invited by a friend Robert to shoot Le Meridien Hotel
for a VR Proposal.Below are 3 location shoot...enjoy!

Le Meredien Hotel & Spa GRAND ENTRANCE

Le Meredien Hotel & Spa SOUVENIR ARCADE

Le Meredien Hotel & Spa AL MURJAN TEA HOUSE

Nikon D300
Sigma Fisheye Lens 4.5mm
Manfrotto Tripod
Manual Mode

Full Circle on FYBL

FYBL ( Filipino Youth Basketball League)
FYBL- Dubai is a non-profit, volunteer based
basketball recreational organization serving
Filipino youth in Dubai and neighboring Emirates.

Basketball Clinic & Tournament for
Filipino Youth here in UAE.
Every Friday 1:00 PM onwards
Al Ittihad Private School Gym,
Al Mamzar Area, Dubai, UAE

This is my one of my volunteer photography works since last year...

Watching all filipino youth players exerting their best in every game
brings back my memory...when i was a teen playing a basketball,
waiting for loud cheer whenever i made a dunk shot (of course not)
& endless congratulations after winning the game.

Anyways....i just want to share this images for you to feel the energy of
our young filipino players...

FYBL Tryout & Registration 04 March 2011

FYBL Opening Ceremony 25 March 2011

360° VR Photos from Previous FYBL 2nd Season

Monday, March 28, 2011

QUICK Bite at Chin Chin Restaurant

QUICK BITE at Chin Chin Restaurant
Al Mina Road, Dubai, UAE
MARCH 17, 2011
After we (annie) finish DEBL Press Conference at Capitol Hotel,Dubai...we are craving for fooooodddd....and we end up at Chin-chin Resto (opposite of the hotel).They serve Chicken Siomai on a chinese basket thing...(dunno)...with their soy sauce...mmmm ...taste is great.The price also is reasonable, but if you are planning to eat with your family...much better to buy your softdrinks first....why? 'coz they are charging 3 dhs per can of softdrinks....(nuknukan ng mahal...e 1.5 Dhs lang yun sa grocery).

But before we left the store i took a souvenir VR shot (follow the link below)

HOVER your mouse inside the image for Interactive Viewing

Nikon D300
Sigma Fish Eye Lens 4.5mm
Tripod less - Manual Handheld (kaya may blurry...)