Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i took this vr photo last july 2010...and i am hesistant to published it
'coz of the lighting inside the church....but this morning when i review
my old vr...i realised that it's fine naman pala...and i ask my friend
(darwin garfil) if the image is ok... and of course he says ok....(hiya lang sa akin nun)...

i have a long story about this vr...since, this is old vr...kaya copy and paste
ko na lang yung blog ko last august...hehehehe...

The Story Outside Full Circle
Title: St.Mary's Catholic Church - Dubai
Interior Architectural VR Photography
July 14,2010

This VR is a long time plan on my mind...sometime 3 months ago...
Why?...'coz i want to record the interior & exterior of the church...
'coz till now no one is doing that...the..."St.Mary's in full circle"

After i drop ( hinatid po...ndi binagsak) my wife to her workplace

i rushed to the church and hoping that there's a sheduled mass...
but when i reach there...everything was closed...except the side door...

all lights are closed except on the main altar...
the place is very quiet, there is some parishoners praying...
....i sat infront of the altar & start to meter the light...
i feel everyone is looking at me everytime i press my shutter..
and it gives a loud sounds of clllliiiikkkk! i press my shutter once,
twice, thrice and even more....and after a while i heard someone
making a...psssssttt....!!! to me.

i pray and say sorry for what i have plan to do...i say sorry that i
will disturb the people...

anyways...i placed my tripod on the center of the aisle....
set up my panohead as fast as i can....
attached my camera and start my 16 exposures...
(everytime i press the shutter all eyes are with me - sorry po Lord!)

St.Mary's Catholic Church - Dubai (Interior) in Dubai

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 10-20mm Sigma Lens
Exposure: Manual - 16 Exposures at 35 & 217 degrees angle
Shutter Speed: 1 sec.
Aperture: f/8


Monday, January 17, 2011


The event is Dubai International Parachuting & Gulf Cup 2011 located right on the south side of the base of the Palm Jumeira, between the Dubai Marina and JBR (Jumeriah Beach Residence), the entrance to the dropzone is off Al Sufouh Rd. behind the Habtoor Grand Hotel.

I just knew this event only last week thru my friend...photo contest - they are giving thousand of dollars as a prize (nakakalula) . But yesterday morning (last day of competition) the weather is not good...wind and sandstorm covers the whole city...but later I realized na...sayang din ang event minsan lang ito at first time so...I decided to pack my gears at around 12 noon.

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens for VR: 4.5mm Fish Eye Sigma Lens
Lens for PJ: 18-250mm Wide-Telephoto Lens
Stabilizer: Manfrotto Tripod & Panoramic Head
Others: Photographers Vest & Hat, Knee Pad and my MEDIA ID.

I reached the venue site at 1:30 pm and it took me 10 minutes to reach the drop zone 'coz sobrang layo ng parking...,I also bumped my oppps friends who shoot the event since 8:30am (grabe...pinakyaw lahat).

At the Media Office (this the first thing you have to look...as in para kang mag a-attendance sa teacher mo)....I introduce myself as a Freelance Photojournalists and ask where i can get a Media Pass...They just tell me to log in my name and give them my business card..."don't have right now ...i just left it to my wallet at car parking"...and the officer look at me and said ...hmmm ok...yess... i know you...i always see you...and quickly he gave me MEDIA PASS ID.... (or else cameras not allowed again).

Photos below are my submission for photo contest (i will not tell you which one), my photo submission to sports magazine & newspaper, for 360cities Google Earth and for microstocks....Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OPPPS New Location

OPPPS moved at Bigger & Better Location

When they posted the enrollment schedule and new location...
I browsed my VR Images files and yess!!!...
I have 10 VR Images of this mosque and New Oppps Training Center...(rented) location.

I immediately uploaded my image to Google Earth to share with my friends
(light d life photo club) and also to new DP Trainees....
(mahirap kayang maligaw at makipag-away sa taxi driver)...

I sent a message to sir milo tores (oppps pres.) to confirm that my
VR (Virtual Reality) Image is same as Oppps New Training Center...
the response is....of course...... "YES...iyan yun".

On VR Image below I add little information for you to
understand the orientation of the location.


OMAR BIN KHATTAB Mosque in Dubai
Camera: Nikon D300 (Handheld)
Lens: Sigma Fish Eye Lens

You can also follow this link on 360cities/Google Earth:

Omar Bin Khattab Mosque:


Some Important Reminders:
1. Only those with confirmed bookings , on wait listed, or Walk-in Enrolees
are allowed to come to the classrooms, and can park their cars.
2. Smokers can smoke outside (in the park) but not in the classrooms or premises.
3. TRAINEES are requested to use the back parking entrance and
not the main entrances leading to the mosque, as it is only allocated for
those who come during prayers time.
4. TRAINEES are not to loiter around the premises or the passages,
and observe silence while coming in or out.
5. It is not allowed to come under the influence of alcohol or
to bring it with them.
6. Ladies and Gents not to wear shorts, sexy or revealing clothes.


Source: http://oppps-community.org/

Rain Shower & Cloudy Day

11 January 2011. Satwa Area, Dubai, UAE. A quick rain shower engulfs the whole
metro dubai this morning. - photo by: rosspisvena
Camera Nikon D300
18-250mm Sigma Lens

Sunday, January 9, 2011


RUN FOR MY COUNTRYMEN "takbo para kay kabayan"

Last week I was invited by a friend to shoot our kababayang mananakbo sa UAE
(FILIPINO RUNNERS UAE) for their Press Release kit.
I was a bit excited 'coz this is my first time to shoot runners who will not run...
as in steady lang (sa shoot).

I attended their briefing and share my ideas how i will shoot and where i want to shoot them...
we decided to shoot at burj al arab (seven star hotel) public beach para iconic and agreed to
come before sunset.

I am expecting 32 Kabayan Runners but only 11 are available for the shoot.I divided the task for
each of us (photographers)...i will shoot VR & Group Shots, Yolly is in charge on individual
shots for their profile, Gibert is in charge to shoot silhouettes and juel will document the event.

We finished the task for almost an hour and everybody had a great experience with us.

Join us to view the photos for our kabayan.

Camera: Nikon D300
Exposure: Manual on RAW
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm Wide for Still Photos
Lens: Sigma 4.5 mm Circular Fish Eye for VR Photos
Shutter Remote: Phottix Hero (Video Remote Shutter)
Phottix RF Shutter Remote
Manfrotto Panohead & Tripod for VR
I use the available light on site (no reflector)
Post Process & Cropping: Photoshop CS5

Press Release:

Photographers: rosspisvena, gilbert belleza, yolly ignacio and juel butle

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


02 January 2011
Shk.Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Fuji S9600

This season..january til' march is the clouds season
here in uae.i am sure landscape photographers are
jumping with joy...yey...this is ur season.
02 January 2011.The Iconic Emirates Twin Towers soaring high on a cloudy morning at
Shk.Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.-rosspisvena



Happy New Year to all! Yes... this year is the year of
the Rabbit....a metal rabbit?(as in robot).

As i browse thru net about this bunny, i was struck 
about their characteristics specially about relationships...

Bunny Relationships
"Bunny are very sexual, but tend to give more of themselves than they should. 
This can lead to unrealistic expectations and unhealthy situations. 
Rabbits need partners who won’t take advantage of their giving nature. 
Such pairings will be strong"


Anyways...whatever the bunny characteristics...golden rule is...
Be Kind and Give Love to One Another...

Happy New Year....

Happy New Year sa Lima (5) kong followers (madagdagan sana this year)
at sa daan daang followers ko na napadaan lang...

God Bless sa inyo,...


01 January 2011
Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Camera: Nikon D300
Gears: Manfrotto Tripod & Panohead
Manfrotto Monopad, Slik Multi Arm Pano Head,
Phottix Remote Shutter
Exposure: Manual, f8, bulb

7:30 pm we (me and kiko) arrived from photo ops, immeddiately
i upload all photos for Google Earth posting....i am bit in
a hurry 'coz by this time traffic is starting to build up around Metro Dubai.

Together with my family at 9:30 pm we drove around Deira Area (daming pinoy dito)
to feel new years spirit...but i think everyone is heading to Burj Khalifa
for fireworks.

Finally, we decided to stay at business bay to witness & to capture the
burj khalifa fireworks for 2011.

01 January 2011. The Burj Khalifa Dubai Fireworks New Year 2011 - full circle by: r©§§_pi§véñà 2011

VR above may not great as I expected...but on this VR you can feel the ambiance of the
place, Emirati creates bon fire (left & right) and dancing over the top of their 4x4 cars and making noise as we celebrate the year 2011.

... :)
We try to go back to Deira for some food but we are stuck on a traffic which lasted for almost 3 hours. We reached our house at 3:00 am. Watta a new year!


Last Sunset of 2010
31 December 2010
Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Camera: Nikon D300
Gears: Manfrotto Tripod & Panohead
Manfrotto Monopad, Slik Multi Arm Pano Head,
Phottix Remote Shutter
Exposure: Manual, f8, bulb

"31 December 2010.5:35pm. An iconic structure (The Burj Khalifa-Worlds Tallest Man made Structure)
and dubai Skyline was engulfed by the last golden sunset of 2010"- photo by: r©§§_pi§véñà 2010"

My son decided to come with me for the last photo ops for the year 2010.
Arrived at meeting point (zabeel park gate 2) at 4:30 pm.

As expected, my friend rocky parocco is there, other friends from oppps
batch 21, friends from Lightform, Adobeng Bico and light d life photo club.

We arrived at the site (business bay) 5pm and everybody was amazed
about the place..."how rocky knows this?", we get off the car and start to shoot.

31 December 2010. Ms. Gladys of Light d Life Photo Club preparing to shoot the Last Sunset of 2010 at Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. - Photo by: ©rosspisvena2011

10 min. after, we changed place..under the hi-way bridge to take a few snaps
and rushed back for the sunset shoot.

31 December 2010. Under the Bridge -Business Bay Hi-way :
Photographers taking quick snap before they capture the
last sunset of 2010. - Photo by:©kikopisuena

31 December 2010. Under the Bridge -Business Bay Hi-way :
Photographers are rushing after their quick snap to capture the
last sunset of 2010. - Photo by:©kikopisuena

In the middle of our shoot...securities from Dubai Properties halted us...
"cameras not Allowed" and they are suspecting us as a spy...(for what?).

Overall, the last photo shoot of 2010 was a success story, organized by Camera
Club of Dubai and participated by various photo club in Dubai.(Oppps Batch 21, Lightform Friends, Light d Life, Full Circle and Adobong Bico).

With us (kiko) are: light d life photo addicts...gilbert, darwin, juel & gladys.