Sunday, October 24, 2010

Full Circle Oppps Photojourn on VR



Event: Oppps DP Training Batch 21
Location: Dubai Heritage Village,Dubai,UAE
Date: Oct.22,2010
Camera & Gears: Nikon D300,Sigma Fisheye Lens


Uuhhmmm...before i start...what the heck i'm doin'?
photojournalism at my age? dunno what is my future on this photography. father is a photojournalist since he was bachelor
and right now he is photo editor in one of tabloid newspaperin the philippines,
my sister once a university photojournalist
and today my daughter is also a photojournalists on her school...
and me...wanna be photojournalist.

kidding aside...
this photojournalism thing is something i can't resist,
i always envy the photog whose image occupy the front page of a newspaper,
i always admire the photog who captures the emotions and actions of a person...
occasionally (when invited) i shoot events and occasions, but i shoot them using
VR (Virtual Reality) Photography, i shoot peoples emotions, movements and
their unusual gestures.... which they call it an image story or story thru image
or photojournalism.

unconsciously...most of us (photographers) are having this distinct talent,
to shoot someone's emotions...not most of us...maybe filipino only.

why? 'coz we are all tsismoso and tsismosa, we will die if we can't
talk about something about him or
sometimes if you look on your friends photo on a haggard looking...
you will crate a story out of it..."siguro katatapos lang"
or "siguro mahirap na siya kaya payat" ulit

Photo Story... that's it...
telling a story thru image...
as a VR Photographer (my view) a single shot or still image cannot tell the full
story unlike on VR Images, you can view the image on full 360°view,
you capture the whole drama scene, the emotions and actions, 
you can feel the scene on every turn  of image... 
for me this is one of the powerful tool in photojournalism 
(hopefully on near future).

Haiti earthquake news report they use VR Photography 

Ninoy aquino Inaguration Ceremony they use VR Photography

and other International News Network they are using this kind of photojournalism
on their online newspaper.

Question is how you will capture the image on full 360°view?

Below is our 1st Outdoor Photoshoot, our job is to capture the moments & actions of 
Oppps DP Training Batch 21 2nd Outdoor Photoshoot. 
I created 4 VR Images for you to feel the Photography world of Oppps.Enjoy...

Note: Images was captured t tripod less.


Click and drag in the image in any direction to change the view.
Use the "shift" key to zoom in and "Ctl/Command" key to zoom out.

you can follow my other VR at Google Earth /

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