Sunday, December 19, 2010

Full Circle 1st Night - MISA DE GALLO - DUBAI

Story Outside Full Circle
Unang Simbang Gabi sa Dubai
St.Mary's Catholic Church Dubai, UAE
December 15, 2010

We leave our house as early as 6 pm and hoping
that we can park our car near the church.
Together with my mother in law (on vacation)
and my 3 kids, we reach St.Mary's Church at 6:30 pm
and thank God got parking space near the gate.

Entering the church compound, people are having their
photos beside the big christmas tree...Church volunteers
are in a hurry preparing the cordons for the parishioners...

I placed my family beside simbang Gabi Altar and rush to my car
to get my couples for christ ID...why? 'coz i want to help
our fellow brothers in preparing the church for the mass...

With my camera around my body, i started to carry chairs,
getting traffic cones for cordoning the areas and assisting
sisters to guide people (98% filipinos) which area to
be occupy....It's very tough job - being a volunteer specially
on first night of Simbang Gabi....everyone wants to be near the altar.

Exactly 8:30 pm the programs starts...
Lighting of the Christmas Tree....programs hosted by Indian brothers
and Cristmas Carols rendered by Filipino Community...and of course
sing & dance by our Filipina sisters.

9:00 pm.Simbang Gabi God's grace,i was located inside the
perimeter of the altar, which is a very good location in shooting
VR 360° Image. I shoot 3 sets of VR...before the mass start, during
the entrance of the holy bible & during communion.

Click and drag in the image in any direction to change the view.
Use the "shift" key to zoom in and "Ctl/Command" key to zoom out.

Camera: Nikon D300
Exposure Mode: Manual / Handheld
Shutter Speed: 1 sec./ f8

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