Monday, March 28, 2011

QUICK Bite at Chin Chin Restaurant

QUICK BITE at Chin Chin Restaurant
Al Mina Road, Dubai, UAE
MARCH 17, 2011
After we (annie) finish DEBL Press Conference at Capitol Hotel,Dubai...we are craving for fooooodddd....and we end up at Chin-chin Resto (opposite of the hotel).They serve Chicken Siomai on a chinese basket thing...(dunno)...with their soy sauce...mmmm ...taste is great.The price also is reasonable, but if you are planning to eat with your family...much better to buy your softdrinks first....why? 'coz they are charging 3 dhs per can of softdrinks....(nuknukan ng mahal...e 1.5 Dhs lang yun sa grocery).

But before we left the store i took a souvenir VR shot (follow the link below)

HOVER your mouse inside the image for Interactive Viewing

Nikon D300
Sigma Fish Eye Lens 4.5mm
Tripod less - Manual Handheld (kaya may blurry...)

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