Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Design & Graphics Dept.,
8:15 am / 30 March 2011

no one is here ...all of them are still sleeping...
they are now on the liberty of choosing which time will come to office...
liberty when to come to office...
liberty to choose what to wear for office...
and liberty to choose a BOSS.

yes... in one month time they are gone.
and i will miss them...
i'll miss their laughter,
i'll miss the chat after we finish our lunch,
i'll miss the people who gives help in time of need...no questions ask.
i'll miss charcoal rice shared by us,
i'll miss their families, whom i know thru their stories,
i'll miss our photo snaps,
...really i will miss you guys...

btw,....i am now in preparing mode.

Photo was taken using BENQ DC C1020 Point & Shoot
Stitch in PTGUI Software
Post Process in PS CS5

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