Saturday, September 25, 2010

FULL CIRCLE Family Weekly Basketball (PRO daw!)

Mga Batang Pinoy na basketbolista at volleybolista ng Dubai...masaya, makulit at mahuhusay!

Title: Basketball (pang PRO daw!)
Location: Dubai,UAE
Date: Sept.18,2010
Camera & Gears: Nikon D300,
Sigma Fisheye Lens, String & Spirit Level (Tripod less)

when i was in grade school,i remember my father when he gave me 
a basketball (pang PRO daw!)....that time PBA (Phil.Basketball Association) 
was in his peak...two rival teams are very popular... The Crispa Redmanizers & 
The Toyota and most of my family are die-hard crispa fan...that's including me...

i was very excited when i open the gift (they want me to guess pa kung what's inside
...obvious namang bola...kasi bilog ang pagkabalot...hmmmp!) 
tsaaarannnn...a basketball.... a big orange ball (big?!!-doubt ako!) 
i ask my tito joel (fan ni fabiosa) why the ball is big...he told me na...
it is PRO edition and i'm lucky 'coz the brand name isCRISPA!...
(crispa!-doubt ulit ako)

....hmmmm...natuwa naman ako and 'coz being a crispa fan with crispa ball...
maybe i can play like a crispa player (fan ako ni atoy co)... even though...
back on my mind that the ball is big (oversize sa standard basketball) 
i am happy when i play it...but when i dribble the ball 
i heard something inside whenever it bounces back and placed it to my ear...
sounds like...toooiiinnngggkkkk!!! x5 funny...

one time we're playing and dying laughing inside the court
of that funny toooiinnnggkkk!!! 
after few months...
i noticed the skin of the ball 
(orange color) is slowly peeling off -
as in nababakbak...
sometimes nga....when i'm holding it,
i peel the skin unconsciously...

another month more...
my ball turns black (not my ball huh - the basketball)...
...nabalatan na po!!! and i have no regrets...
coz' my basketball turns into volleyball and
sometimes we use it as!!!

anyways...i remember all of this 'coz that ball is one of the
best gift from my father (thanks dad...i miss you)

and from that ball i learn to play basketball, volleyball & learn to swim...
today i bought basketball for my son kiko...and one comment i heard is... 
"isn't it small dad?"....(look who's!!) 

vr below is the place where we (my son, daughter & me) play basketball enjoy!!


Basketball with my Family in Dubai

you can follow my other VR at Google Earth /

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