Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FULL CIRCLE The Dubai Mall Part 1

Dubai Mall


Title: Dubai Mall on Full Perfect Circle Part 1
Location: Dubai,UAE
Date: Sept.03, 2010 1:00-3:00 PM
Camera & Gears: Nikon D300, Sigma Fisheye Lens,
String and Spirit Level

one of my plan is to VR the whole Dubai Mall...but how?
that was 5 months ago...

my first attempt...
'twas friday 9 april and my vr target is Gold Souk.
i want to be there as early as possible (less people walking means less stitching problem).
from financial avenue i took grand parking entrance & park my car infront
of gold souk entrance and with my heavy gears i walk
straight to gold souk atrium area, sit down for a while and start
to set up my gears.

while doing my stuff...i saw mall security talking to his radio
while looking at me...(parang gusto ng away...ang aga aga eh)...
i ignored him and continue on my rituals (but i'm on alert mode).

as i position my tripod at the center of atrium...on my right side,
mall security are rushing thru me (ang bilis ng takbo e.) and when
they reach the place they start to question me like...

guard: "do you have permission from admin office to take photos?"

and i replied...
"none and i don't need it 'coz i am tourist here in Dubai"...

but they don't buy it...

guard: "sir, which newspaper or magazine you're working?"

ross : "this is my only my collection as hobbyist photographer"

guard: "looking at your camera and're not a tourist sir...,
you're a professional photographer...and if you want to
take photos you have to get permission from mall admin office"

ross ulit: " wtf...! don't tell me that you will not allow me to take photo?"

pasaway na guard: " yes sir"

the end...yes the end na po ang plan ko to vr the whole dubai mall.
that was my first try...! failure!!!

i shelf my intersest to vr the whole dubai mall for almost 5 months,
when we (my family) visit the mall...i am always wishing na someday
magkasakit sana lahat ng guard sa mall para makapag-vr

nung world cup nga sa ice cup!
sabi ko sa'yo...gandang i-vr ng mga nanonood...lalo na yung mga
koreanong fans....hayyy ganda....lahat sila nakatayo at nakanganga habang
naghihintay na ma shoot yung bola sa goal....ang ganda talaga i-vr...

i remember i saw a video clip sa you tube for tripod alternative...
by using a string & spirit level...hmmmm...i can use this technique
on my vr para sa mga location na may pasaway ng guard....

i went to ACE store in dfc to buy string, spirit level and velcro...

vr gears small 2

really...i'm so excited...and i just can't hide it....
after fitting all together sa camera ko...
i practice my vr using this technique.... and after 5 tries (trial & error) convince ko na ang sarili ko na i can use this for vr...

and first location ko ay.....Dubai Mall...(humanda kayo...)

VR images below are series of VR inside Dubai Mall using string &
spirit level...enjoy this part 1.


Dubai Mall Water Fall in Dubai

Dubai Mall Water Fall 2 in Dubai

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