Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visita Iglesia UAE 2011 (Dubai)

United Arab Emirates
22 April 2011

I was suppose to attend our Photo Club General Assembly & Induction of New Members
at Palma Beach Resort, Umm Al Quain, when we knew my CFC (Couples for Christ)
Brothers & Sisters will join this year Visita Iglesia...without any reasons...
we decided to join them for the glory of our Lord God.
___________________ . . . _________________


First Station: Jesus is condemned to death
Second Station: Jesus carries His cross

At 5:30 am we are fetching bro.Allan Labrias for our 1st & 2nd Station.Approaching
St.Mary's Church we decided to park at Rashid Hospital (Staff Parking),
coz' im parking space available this time.

I took snaps outside the church and met some friends before taking
VR (Virtual Reality Photo).
Equirectangular Image of St. Mary's Catholic Church Dubai.

It is a 5 minutes walk from the Hospital to St.Mary's Church... a very busy and
rush morning...everybody are on their speed to church..families, couples,
single, vendors and even Dubai Police are seen outside the church.

At the gate of the church... you will be welcome by the ushers who will guide
you inside the church....when we enter the compound...people are piling up...stand
praying...hmmmm... 'm very sure the church is full.

So, i decided to stay outside while waiting for the others.Took a quick shots to
an indian kids playing, rushing people, praying outside the church,kabayans on a party dress
taking a snap for a souvenir. I met my friend Erik. I saw fellow CFC's on a two
shuttle bus waiting for their cue to start the visita iglesia.

Few minutes more...Sis.Rose, Sis.Dhel & Bro. Arnel arrived and we start our
1st & @nd Station of the cross. It is a very quick prayer and off we SHARJAH.

22 April 2011. Dubai. Good Friday,
Two Catholic Parishioners praying outside the church.

Aside from prayers personal intentions...
my other religious objective is to record and
photograph all UAE Catholic Churches.

All VR Images are taken manually (handheld)
without using any VR gears...tripod or stabilizers
in order to move & shoot fast during prayers.
Sorry for some blurry parts.
Camera: Nikon D300, Nikon D40x
Exposures: Manual - 3 Exposures
Lens: Sigma 4.5mm Fish Eye / Sigma 18-250mm WideTele Lens
Post Process: PS5,Adobe Bridge Camera Raw, PTGUI, Pano2VR

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