Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visita Iglesia UAE 2011 (Ras Al Khaimah)

United Arab Emirates
22 April 2011

From Umm Al Quain to Ras Al Khaimah it took us
almost 2 hours

to reach our next station.
_________________ . . . _________________

People (local & expats), buildings (modern & traditional),
walking & running animals on the road (camels, donkey & goats),
road signs & signals, round-abouts, mosque, old & new advertisements,
an airplane at the resort,ghost town, fast & slow cars, cargo trucks,
a big ble diamond, a pyramid hotel, purple grocery in the middle
of dessert, old towers, an ice land...this are the things i captured
during our trip to RAK.

It is almost 10:30 am and the sun is so hot...we park our car
beside Kerala Market near old cemetery, we march on a rough road
leading to the church with cover on our face (grabe ang init uuyyy!).

Church is a white villa named as St.Martin de Padua Catholic Church,
bounded by concrete fence with a tent shade attached to the front
wall of the church. This time parishioners are keep coming and filling
up the small church compound.But i doesn't stop us to go inside the church...
Inch by inch we reach the church side fence and start to pray our
3 station of the cross.

Before the prayer, i started to shoot and one of my VR is very interesting...
people are solemnly praying while their chidrens are busy playing infront
of the closed church main entrance door and you will notice shoes and sandals
are left outside the church (like in islam tradition).

We finish 3 stations and rush to our cars (ang ineett!) to the next
emirate....FUJAIRAH...(pinaka malayo ito...)

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