Monday, August 23, 2010

Full Circle of Old Dubai I: The Dhow Station Plaza


Title: VR'ing the OLD DUBAI
Part 1 " Dhow Station Plaza" Bur Dubai
Camera: Nikon D40X, Nikon D300
Lens: Sigma 10mm & 4.5mm Fisheye Lens
Exposure: Manual

as i drove along jumeirah beach road going to dubai festival city,
i heard on the radio about the tourist destination in dubai "the old dubai"....
hmmmm...wait a minute..... i can shift my vr schedule to that area...bur dubai!!!

after 15 minutes...
i already parked my car behind ministry of finance bldg...yes! at old dubai...

"Old dubai originally is the deira area & bur dubai area.
old dubai is having an islamic & moorish architecture bldgs.,
a busy area, people are walking contineously,
chatting along the road, drinking tea,
offering carlift (not for free), playing cricket and you can
see people praying even in the middle of the road (of course during praying time).."

i've been here many times....
capturing the sunrise & sunset along the creek and doing night photography.
old dubai is a haven for photographers...walking along the creek side
you can choose your subject from architecture, landscape to macro....and of course VR.

i think....right now VR'ing the old dubai is exciting, first time and one of a kind....
i will start my VR tonight here infront Dhow Station Plaza - infront of Ministry of Finance

first i scan the place where i can set-up my gears...
as i walk along the plaza....i saw lovers hiding on the dark corners of the
traditional sheds...he-he-he...puro kabayan ang date ng mga!!!

i wait for 10 minutes para mawala yung moist ng lens...
i shoot first the highlight of the plaza...
the Dome Round Gazebo using 10mm fisheye lens... next is the plaza area.
and after 1 hour i finished 3 sets of VR... The Dhow Station Plaza ,The Dhow Station
& The Dome Round Gazebo...'hope you like it....ENJOY!!!


Where does the name Dubai come from?

There are several theories as to how Dubai was named.
One theory is that the word Dubai is a combination of the Farsi words for two and brothers, the latter referring to Deira and Bur Dubai. Others believe that ‘Dubai’ was so named by people who considered its souq a smaller version of a thriving market named ‘Daba’.

Another possibility is that the name came from a word meaning money - people from Dubai were commonly believed to have money because it was a prosperous trading centre. It is worth mentioning that there is another town named Dubai in the Al Dahna' region of Saudi Arabia, between Riyadh and Ad Dammam.


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