Tuesday, January 4, 2011


01 January 2011
Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Camera: Nikon D300
Gears: Manfrotto Tripod & Panohead
Manfrotto Monopad, Slik Multi Arm Pano Head,
Phottix Remote Shutter
Exposure: Manual, f8, bulb

7:30 pm we (me and kiko) arrived from photo ops, immeddiately
i upload all photos for Google Earth posting....i am bit in
a hurry 'coz by this time traffic is starting to build up around Metro Dubai.

Together with my family at 9:30 pm we drove around Deira Area (daming pinoy dito)
to feel new years spirit...but i think everyone is heading to Burj Khalifa
for fireworks.

Finally, we decided to stay at business bay to witness & to capture the
burj khalifa fireworks for 2011.

01 January 2011. The Burj Khalifa Dubai Fireworks New Year 2011 - full circle by: r©§§_pi§véñà 2011

VR above may not great as I expected...but on this VR you can feel the ambiance of the
place, Emirati creates bon fire (left & right) and dancing over the top of their 4x4 cars and making noise as we celebrate the year 2011.

... :)
We try to go back to Deira for some food but we are stuck on a traffic which lasted for almost 3 hours. We reached our house at 3:00 am. Watta a new year!

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