Monday, January 17, 2011


The event is Dubai International Parachuting & Gulf Cup 2011 located right on the south side of the base of the Palm Jumeira, between the Dubai Marina and JBR (Jumeriah Beach Residence), the entrance to the dropzone is off Al Sufouh Rd. behind the Habtoor Grand Hotel.

I just knew this event only last week thru my contest - they are giving thousand of dollars as a prize (nakakalula) . But yesterday morning (last day of competition) the weather is not good...wind and sandstorm covers the whole city...but later I realized na...sayang din ang event minsan lang ito at first time so...I decided to pack my gears at around 12 noon.

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens for VR: 4.5mm Fish Eye Sigma Lens
Lens for PJ: 18-250mm Wide-Telephoto Lens
Stabilizer: Manfrotto Tripod & Panoramic Head
Others: Photographers Vest & Hat, Knee Pad and my MEDIA ID.

I reached the venue site at 1:30 pm and it took me 10 minutes to reach the drop zone 'coz sobrang layo ng parking...,I also bumped my oppps friends who shoot the event since 8:30am (grabe...pinakyaw lahat).

At the Media Office (this the first thing you have to in para kang mag a-attendance sa teacher mo)....I introduce myself as a Freelance Photojournalists and ask where i can get a Media Pass...They just tell me to log in my name and give them my business card..."don't have right now ...i just left it to my wallet at car parking"...and the officer look at me and said ...hmmm ok...yess... i know you...i always see you...and quickly he gave me MEDIA PASS ID.... (or else cameras not allowed again).

Photos below are my submission for photo contest (i will not tell you which one), my photo submission to sports magazine & newspaper, for 360cities Google Earth and for microstocks....Enjoy!!!

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